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Project Management Organizations (PMOs)

A Project Management Organization (PMO), also sometimes referred to as a Project Management Office, is usually established to provide project management support within an enterprise or organization.  The type of support and oversight of the project management processes and personnel … Continue reading

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Flashcards for the Knowledge Areas

These are the “flashcards” I use for the 10 knowledge areas. These are in my words.  I encourage you to use your own words to describe each of these areas. Integration Management Addresses leadership for the project and provides integration of … Continue reading

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Create Your Own Flashcards

In preparation for the test, I recommend that you create your own set of flash cards using index cards.  On one side, write the process or term and then on the opposite side, write the description.  I recommend that your … Continue reading

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Measuring Financial Value

A project manager should be aware of the various techniques and approaches to determine the financial value of a project.  Usually during the concept and initiation stage of a project, best efforts are undertaken to estimate the costs of a … Continue reading

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Maslow’s Hierarchy

To be an effective project manager requires an understanding and a proficiency in people skills (also known as “soft skills”).  The PMP® exam will test your understanding of people skills and associated management theories.  Maslow’s hierarchy is one of them. … Continue reading

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Conflict Management Resolution

Types of Conflict Management Resolution Almost every project introduces conflict of various sorts.  Conflicts can occur due to resource issues, schedule issues, budget issues, and scope disagreements just to name a few.  The project manager must know how to deal … Continue reading

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