Flashcards for the Knowledge Areas

These are the “flashcards” I use for the 10 knowledge areas. These are in my words.  I encourage you to use your own words to describe each of these areas.

Integration Management

Addresses leadership for the project and provides integration of all other processes.

Scope Management

Develops, monitors and controls the scope baseline for the project.

Time Management

Develops, monitors and controls the schedule baseline for the project.

Cost Management

Develops, monitors and controls the cost baseline for the project.

Quality Management

Concerned with defining, assuring and controlling the quality requirements for the project.

Human Resources Management

Concerned with planning, staffing, developing and managing the project team.

Communications Management

Concerned with planning, managing and controlling project communications.

Risk Management

Focuses on identifying, monitoring and controlling threats and opportunities to the project.

Procurement Management

Focuses on identifying procurement requirements, selecting sellers and managing agreements.

Stakeholder Management

Concerned with defining, managing and controlling the stakeholder engagement plan.

Eddie Merla, PMI-ACP, PMP


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